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Sign up for a customized photo tour David2for an inside look at the beauty of the Moab area. I have been photographing the red rocks landscape for more than three decades and have led photo tours and put on workshops here in beautiful Moab for four years.

While showing you special places I’ll share my knowledge and experience about the art of photography, including tips on composition and techniques. You will receive a copy of my eight page guide Seven Key Secrets to Making Better Landscape Photos.

Custom Itineraries

DeadHorse2xI can take you to all the popular attractions such as Arches National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park, but there is much more to see and photograph in the Moab area. I will provide a customized tour to meet your interests, possibly including visits to mountain lakes, meadows with blooming flowers, petroglyphs, dramatic canyons, dinosaur tracks, scenes along the Colorado River and much more. To get a real taste of the red rocks splendor, book a full day or two day tour.

I also offer half-day or full day dedicated workshops to help you hone your photographic  skills. While I offer tips on all my tours, I can make your participation into an intensive learning experience. I will review the basics of photography (the tools), techniques of composition (the art), and then take you into the field to apply what you’ve learned (the practice). You will receive a copy of my eight-page guide Seven Key Secrets to Better Landscape Photos plus the eight-page Camera Basics. For details go to this link: Creative Workshops

BalancedRockMoonMy workshop programs and tours are customized to create the experience that is right for you. I offer a choice of one-half day sunrise or sunset tours, each about five hours in length. Or, combine both sunrise and sunset shoots for a full day, with a break in the middle of the day and a total of about ten hours in the field. Prices for one participant are $300 for a half day tour, and $500 for a full day. Additional photographers joining your group will pay a supplement of $100 for a half day and $150 for a full day. Payment of a fifty percent deposit through PayPal will be requested upon booking. Non-photographer spouses travel free. Bottled water and energy bars are provided. Except for unusual circumstances, no cancellations due to weather will be accepted, as the best pictures are often made when clouds and weather are present.

To reserve a tour or workshop,
call me at 435-210-8158 or email david@imagequest.photo

Visit My Store on Amazon.com

Postcard - Fisher Towers_PiostcardsI have established a personal “store” on Amazon through their Handmade program to offer my fine art prints for sale. You can view and order prints of several hundred of my best photos on my Amazon on-line gallery, each available in a wide range of prices up to 44×66 inches or panoramic prints up to 44×132 inches. I make my own fine art or museum quality prints, using three high quality printers in 13, 17 and 44 inch widths.

If you want to see my offerings, go to the Amazon site and keyword search for “David L. Brown Image Quest.” This will bring up a selection of my pictures. Click on one and you will find a page featuring me and my work including details about the fine art prints, biographical information and my artist’s statement. From this page you can scroll through thumbnails of my fine art images.

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