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FisherTowersLaSalsAs I have announced (see below), I am no longer leading photo tours. Instead I am focusing on making new photographs myself. Now, I have established a personal “store” on Amazon through their Hand Made program to offer my fine art prints for sale. To date I have uploaded about 450 images to my Amazon on-line gallery, each available in three or four sizes up to 17×25 or panoramic prints 13×38 inches.

If you want to see my offerings, go to the Amazon site and keyword search for Image Quest, which is my “brand,” You should see one of my pictures, and when you click on it you will find a page featuring me and my work. This page can link you to all of my prints and includes details about the fine art prints, biographical information and my artist’s statement.

A New Direction for Me
For three years I offered photo tours and workshops in the Moab, UT area. Now, I have “retired” from that endeavor, but not from photography. In fact, I am entering a new phase in my own productivity. While I will continue to be based in Moab, I intend to travel the West with the goal of making a new collection of images. I will still be based in Moab at the ACT Campground.

I will be occasionally adding posts to my blog, so please bookmark this site and come back to check on my progress. Look for me under the ImageQuest name on Amazon. And, thanks to the dozens of fine folks that it has been my privilege to lead on photo tours or with whom to share my knowledge and experience in my workshops.

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The view from Dead Horse Point State Park shows the winding canyons of the Colorado River.

The view from Dead Horse Point State Park shows the winding canyons of the Colorado River.