About the Artist

DLB–MASTERDavid L. Brown is an internationally known landscape and travel photographer who has worked in more than 30 countries. Thousands of his pictures have appeared in print and he’s been represented by more than a dozen leading stock photo agencies in North America, Europe and the Far East.

He has been a leading producer of panoramic photographs and in the 1990s helped found and served as CEO of Panstock, LLC, a stock photography agency. During the 1990s he worked with the inventor of the Vari-Pan (V-Pan) panoramic view camera, field testing a prototype and writing and designing the owner’s manual. With his own V-Pan cameras he used lenses ranging from 47mm to 720mm to make 6×17 cm. panoramic transparencies all over North America and western Europe. At the same time he also worked in other large formats, using a 4×5-in. Linhof Technikakardan view camera and a 5×7-in. Wisner Technical Field Camera.

Here I am in the late 1990s working with my Wisner 5x7 inch view camera in the Red Rocks country. I have long since graduated to digital photography.

Here’s David in the late 1990s working with his Wisner 5×7 inch view camera in the Red Rocks country. He’s long since graduated to digital photography.

He’s been making pictures in the Moab region since the early 1980s and after moving there in 2013 he spent two years as a BLM camp host at popular Goose Island Campground just outside of Moab on the shore of the Colorado River while continuing to make pictures. His home base in Moab is now at the ACT Campground and Environmental Learning Center, where his fine art prints may be viewed and purchased. The photo at left shows him in the late 1990s working with his 5×7-inch Wisner view camera in the Redrocks Country. In  about 2002 he made the transition to digital photography and uses Canon equipment. His current primary camera is the Canon 6D Mk.II.

Known for his landscape and panoramic images, David’s work has been represented by more than a dozen agents in North America, Europe and the Far East. He is a Life Member of the American Society of Media Photographers. He has an online gallery at Amazon.com where signed fine art prints of several hundred of his best images can be ordered for framing and hanging on your home or office wall. Search on Amazon for “David L. Brown Image Quest” and click on one of the thumbnails to access his store.

David’s photography has appeared in thousands of advertisements, books, calendars, and many other venues, including use by the following partial list of clients:

Reader’s Digest • National Geographic Society • Norwegian Cruise Lines • Rand McNally & Co. • British Airways • Virgin Atlantic Airways • Hallmark Cards • Toyota Lexus Division • Scudder Investment Services • American Automobile Association • U.S. Air • Microsoft Corp. • American Heritage Magazine • Newsweek • U.S. News and World Report • U.S. West • Women’s World • The Boston Globe • The Chicago Tribune • The New York Times • Marathon Oil Co. • Ford Motor Co. • Better Homes & Gardens • Ameritech • Time-Life • City Bank • Pearson Scott Foresman • Pennzoil • Holt Rinehart & Winston • Vogue • American Bar Association • American Management Association • Courtyards of Marriott • Bank One • Agfa • and many more.

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